The Best Roofing Systems For Harvesting Rainwater

If you are thinking about harvesting the rainwater that runs off of your roof, You’ve got that in common with many people in our area. It looks easy enough. You might be surprised to find, though, that you can’t simply put a bucket under your downspout and call it good. Harvesting rainwater efficiently can be […]

Doubling Down On Security? Don’t Forget Your Roof

These days, there are unending reasons to tighten up security at home and in your place of business. As reports of terrorism and theft increase seemingly by the day, many people are installing alarm and surveillance systems, applying security film to windows and even employing security guards.   One vulnerable point of entry that many […]

How To Keep Pests Off Your Roof And Out Of Your Attic

All kinds of critters and creatures can get to your roof and make it, or your attic, their home. Not only is their scratching and scampering around annoying, but their invasion into the structure of your home can cause damage and more inconveniences. We’ve heard all kinds of stories about birds, squirrels, raccoons, bats, bees […]

6 Reasons Your Roof May Need To Be Replaced

There are plenty of reasons why you should not put off replacing an old roof. The case of the Metrodome roof collapse in Minnesota is an extreme one, but nonetheless it could have been prevented. Two years ago the Viking’s football stadium’s roof collapsed after a big storm subjected it to high winds and the […]

Why Choose A Metal Roof?

Have you noticed a metal roof or two in your neighborhood? There are many surprising reasons why a homeowner would choose to have a metal roof installed over any other material. Metal roofs provide a lifetime of protection, dramatic energy savings, and are available in a variety of designs and colors to complement any style […]

4 Common Commercial Roof Problems

Commercial roofs can experience a number of problems over time. It’s important for business owners and facility managers to know what to look for and when to contact a roofing company. The most common problems seen by commercial roofers include: 1. Faulty Flashing and Pitch PansFlashing is installed on walls, curbs and around objects protruding […]

Unique and Unusual Roofs

The “Leaf House,” located on beachfront property just north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a spectacular design inspired by native architecture. The shingled, leaf-shaped roof is intended to not only amaze, but to also counteract the hot and humid climate that Brazil is known for. It covers 8,600 square feet of the home’s enclosed […]

What are Asphalt Shingles Made Of?

Contrary to what you might think, asphalt shingles are not made entirely of asphalt. The composition varies with each manufacturer, but most of the content of asphalt shingles is mineral fiber and cementitious fillers. In some studies, it has been revealed that as little as five percent to as much as 35 percent of shingle […]

Ventilation – we can’t emphasize it enough

Not too long ago we talked about the importance of ventilation. Because the topic is so integral and important to roofing, we are bringing the topic to the forefront again. Bottom line — a balanced ventilation system with both intake and exhaust vents can maximize an attic vents’ ability to: reduce heat and moisture buildup, […]
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