Portland Roof Maintenance

Portland Roof Maintenance

All roofs need regular maintenance to increase roof life, prevent leaks, damage & costly repairs. When it comes to maintaining your roof the old saying “an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure” will save you a lot of money & headaches in the long run. Whether it’s your home or your business a leaky roof can cost you a lot of money & losses. Pacific West Roofing can handle all of your roof maintenance needs. Contact us today to learn more.

No Moss (Mossicide)

No Moss is a broad spectrum mossicide that controls both mosses and liverworts. It is derived from essential oils and other natural ingredients. These active ingredients are listed as food grade materials so No Moss is safe to use around children and pets. No Moss is exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA Sec. 25(b). "No Moss" Roof Moss Treatement Flyer

Moss Damage

Mosses hold water allowing water to divert under shingles causing leaks. No Moss coats and smothers the spores and other vegetative structures and prevents moss rhizoids from growing on your roofs surface. No Moss kills moss and keeps your roof healthy and visually appealing.


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