Why Install Skylights In Your Office?

Why Install Skylights In Your Office?

installing a skylightBelieve it or not, the lighting situation – the natural lighting situation, anyway – in your office is going to have a tremendous impact on the productivity of all the people working the space.

Sure, it’s true that we don’t need sunlight to survive the same way that plants do, but at the same time we are very much affected – positively and negatively – depending upon the natural light exposure in our day to day lives.

Study after study has shown that we are happier, more productive and more successful, and a lot less stressed out and anxious when we are exposed to plenty of natural light throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of offices today aren’t exactly swimming in sunlight. But that’s a problem you’re going to be able to remedy without too much trouble – and one you’ll want to solve ASAP!

Work output and productivity will shoot through the roof. Multiple international research projects and papers published in scientific journals have conclusively proven that exposure to natural light versus exposure to fluorescent or incandescent light has a tremendous impact on our ability to put in an effective and productive work day.

By swapping out your old lights for skylights, for example, you’ll be able to dramatically improve activity across the office without any downside whatsoever.

Create a more attractive, inviting and appealing office. Your employees aren’t going to be the only people visiting your office space on a regular basis. You also will have customers, clients, partners or vendors dropping by from time to time – and you want to make the right impression. You will have to make sure your office is well lit by big windows and skylights if possible, if only to avoid that claustrophobic and commercial feel that artificial lights bring to the table.

Reduce stress, energy bills and your impact on the environment. At the end of the day, employees who are less stressed, happier and more relaxed are going to put in a much better day’s work than those who feel like they are wired all the time.

On top of that, swapping artificial lights for skylights or large windows to funnel sunlight into your office allows you to reduce your energy bills. You will also cut down on the footprint you have on the environment. Talk about a win-win situation!

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