Portland Residential Tile Roof Repair

Tile Roof RepairWe know that you depend on your roof to keep you comfortable, dry, and protected in the variety of Pacific Northwest weather we have during the year. If you have a tile roof, you understand that it needs to be taken care of by professionals that know specifically about tile roofs and how they need to be cared for. Our team at Pacific West Roofing can repair tile roofs quickly and efficiently.

Tile roof repair services:

We want your tile roof to keep you and your family protected, so if it is not performing correctly, we can accurately assess the condition of the tile and underlayment to see what is going on. We can work on tile roof repairs both small and large, concrete or clay. We are experienced in detecting and repairing leaks, installation of new flashing, replacing missing tiles, reinforcing original tiles, and installing barriers to detract birds or rodents that may be nesting on the roof.

How do you know if you need tile roof repair?


You may need to call the experts at Pacific West Roofing if you have any of the following things happening with your tile roof:Brown Roof Tiles

  • Cracked, broken or missing tiles
  • Misaligned tiles
  • Damp or wet insulation in your attic from water leakage
  • Discoloration or staining on your walls or ceiling

Do you suspect that something is wrong or perhaps you have noticed water damage on your ceiling or attic space? Since 1980, our roofing experts at Pacific West Roofing have been working on people’s roofs and are able to quickly diagnose a problem if there is one. We will let you know what needs to be done to fix it and provide an estimate, so you can understand the cost impact. We stand by our experience and our work and we are ready to talk to you about your tile roof repair project and provide a free no-pressure quote, so contact us today.