Residential Silicone Roof Coating Portland, OR

Pacific West Roofing is one of a select few companies in the Portland, Oregon area to use silicone coating on existing roofs. There are a number of ways you can prolong the life of your home’s roof, one of which is to have a coating applied.

We firmly believe in the superiority of silicone roof coating over commonly used materials, such as acrylic. The coating is sprayed or rolled on, and touch-up work can be done with a brush or roller. Silicone roof coating is ideal for roofs with odd or unique angles as it fills these areas with ease.

Here are some of the advantages that come with making silicone your roof coating choice:


Whether your home has a flat roof or a shingle roof, silicone can stand the test of time. Unlike acrylic, silicone is not made up of organic materials. Therefore, it is not affected by the elements, and will not degrade or flake.

Silicone coating is the superior choice when it comes to waterproofing and handling harsh weather. If water ponding is an issue, silicone coating will hold up indefinitely, since it does not absorb water at all. With acrylic, however, it doesn’t take standing water long to make it lose its adhesive properties.

Cost Savings

Whether you are one of the many residents in the Northwest who make it through our small number of hot days without an air conditioner, or your home is equipped with central air, keeping your indoor space cool in the summer is something everyone wants. Then silicone coating is the way to go because it is reflective due to its reflective properties

Silicon coating comes in a variety of colors, but the reflective nature of white coating offers the best heat reduction capabilities, saving as much as 35 percent on your home energy costs.

Silicone is a great alternative to replacing your roof. If you would like to avoid a roof replacement, our silicone roof coating comes with a 10-year material warranty. Pacific West Roofing offers a 15 year material and labor warranty. And due to its eco-friendly properties, application can help you earn tax credits.

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