From residential metal roofs to commercial flat roofs and silicone roof coatings, Pacific West Roofing can handle just about any Portland roofing project or repair for your home or business. Since opening our doors in 1980, our experienced roofers have helped protect Oregon homes and businesses from the elements and costly damages.

Portland roofing installation built to withstand rain and shine

Because roof leaks and mold growth are common issues we face in the Pacific Northwest, we’re proud to offer specialty roofing membranes that protect against water damage. FiberTite PVC Vinyl Roofing Membrane is an ideal solution for your commercial flat roof because it seals against rain and moisture for years to come. With a guaranteed 10-year warranty on the labor we provide from the date of installation, you can be confident that your roofing system will weather whatever storm Mother Nature throws at you.

Because expensive water damage can bring a household or business to a grinding halt, our Portland roofers take extra care in ensuring the building’s ventilation system is up to par. Properly ventilating attics and crawl spaces is key to preventing mold growth, especially in a climate that sees a heavy amount of rain each year.

As mold grows, it rots the plywood and destabilizes the plywood glue holding the sheeting of the roof together. Installing intake vents will keep air moving and help protect the structural integrity of your home or office building. Properly vented fans in the bathroom and kitchen will stop mildew growth in its tracks and save you from costly repairs down the road. Our claim to fame is our ability to install highly effective ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings, and we take that reputation very seriously. We are committed to installing these necessary features of any roofing system to ensure your roof will protect your family or office for the years to come.

What to expect when working with Pacific West Roofing

We’ve been serving the greater Portland metro area for 40 years with a commitment to boldly honest estimates, quality materials, and getting the job done right the first time. We don’t take shortcuts or the easy way out when completing roofing projects, and we use only the best materials and brands, including CertainTeed and FiberTite Roofing Membranes. Our qualified roofing contractors operate through a transparent process, which means no surprise charges or confusion over the services they’re providing.

Roof installation and roof repairs in Portland OR

Take a look at what our past customers have said about our work ethic, and visit our services page for a list of the roofing repairs and installations we provide. Whether it be small leak repairs or an entire reroofing job, contact us today to speak with a roofing expert about any service or roofing project you’re looking to complete.