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  • At Pacific West Roofing our purpose is to show up in integrity every day.
  • We give people the bold truth about what to expect and what they need.
  • We envision a world where faith in a contractor is restored and true partnerships begin.


The story about Pacific West Roofing starts way back even when Brian and Stan were classmates in high school and always talked about wanting to start a business together. In 1980, they began that quest with a few small jobs and then the big break they needed came along... Stan's neighbor gave them the go ahead to  re-roof a very nice home in the neighborhood! A new shake roof that was very visible to all who walked and drove by.

26 Years Later...

After 26 years, in 2007, they installed a new Presidential roof which their grandson now resides under this roof! Here is what they had to say about it...

"Later, we had employees, pagers (yes a while ago), cell phones, computers, a new office in 1990, new vehicles, dump trucks, more employees. FEW! I'm worn out! Now this year a new building located in Hubbard Oregon housing equipment and products inside keeping it all dry and a new 2300 sq. ft. office within it."

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Most importantly, after being in Tualatin for 30 years, we are now into our new headquarters still serving the same community as we always will. But now with GEN2, the two boys Brent and Reed are taking the wheel and directing us.

Humanitarian at Heart

Stan serves on the board of the local roofing association (ARC) and also has been on the board of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association for years as well as a previous instructor in the construction school of PCC Rock Creek Campus teaching roofing classes. Brian keeps his hand on the wheel of the production and some sales sides of the business directing sales meetings and staff. We continue to look forward to the future regardless of the times at hand in the world. Thanks for visiting with us and we hope to hear from you for any and all of your roofing issues!


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