About Us

About Us
Our purpose is to show up in integrity every day. We give people the bold truth about what to expect and what they need.

We envision a world where faith in a contractor is restored and true partnerships begin.

Pacific West Roofing

Pacific West Roofing has been in business since 1980. We have established a reputation of being one of the most quality conscious companies in the Portland roofing market. Our reputation began in the early 80’s with the residential shake roof market installing. Weyerhaeuser Taper split shakes, the Cadillac of wood at the time. Along with that,Pac  West Roofing we have developed the specialty of tearing off existing roofs and re-sheeting with plywood to install multiple types of composition roofing materials.

Later in the 90’s we began a search for the ultimate, yet affordable, roofing products. We’ve seen many products come and go, but there are a few unique products that may surprise you, which replace the shake roof without sacrificing the look of shakes. The flat roof industry for commercial buildings has come far over the past few years and Pacific West Roofing has moved intoPac  West Roofing that arena of single ply membranes like IB Roof System’s PVC membrane. A beautifully designed impermeable 6ft wide sheet system that has huge maintenance and UV Advantages.

Our installation crews are well trained in a multitude of products and pleasant to work with on the job site. Our office staff is professional, courteous, and ready to serve your needs.

Pacific West Roofing Quality Oath

We at Pacific West Roofing pledge to devote our efforts to the attainment of service excellence and do here commit to ever improving service quality by being courteous to every customer, supplier, and fellow employee; by reflecting a positive attitude at all times; by displaying a professional appearance; by exerting the extra effort to follow through; by the flexible application of the rules when they interfere with serving the customer; by providing prompt and accurate feedback to the customer and by continuously seeking to improve our industry knowledge. With this, our goal is to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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