Consider A Coating To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Consider A Coating To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

applying a roof coatingRoofs can be expensive to maintain and even more expensive to replace. If you’re considering a roof replacement for your home or business, a roof coating might be a smart alternative to look into. Coatings applied to a roof in relatively good condition can extend the roof’s service life for many years, and delay the need for replacement.

Just about every roofing system is “coatable, “ however, the majority of our coating cases involve metal and single–ply membrane flat roofs, such as modified bitumen, TPO, P.V.C., and E.P.D.M.

A roof coating will provide a new surface that protects the underlying membrane from sun exposure and precipitation, slowing the roof’s aging process. Some of the other benefits of roof coatings include:


  • Coatings will cost less than a roof replacement.

  • Metal roof corrosion can be reduced and controlled.

  • Coatings can be applied with little disruption to facility operations.

  • Highly reflective white coatings, which can reflect up to 95 percent of solar energy, reduce a roof’s temperature significantly. This stops heat loading or “heat island effect” and leads to better long-term system performance and lower cooling costs for the building. This means that a high-quality reflective coating can quickly pay for itself.

  • Minimizes construction debris that usually results from roof tear-off and replacement.

  • Using a coating rather than replacing a roof is an environmentally responsible choice because it keeps wasted roofing material out of landfills.

When we apply a roof coating, it’s very important that we pair the roof with the proper coating as different roofing systems require different coating types. In general, two types of coatings are available: all-purpose, which would be suitable for a range of roof types; and application-specific coatings, which are designed for one or very few roof types.

For flat roofs, we use several different types of coatings from silicone to latex to reflective yet insulating ceramic. To ensure proper curing of the coating itself, we pay very close attention to changing weather conditions and a consistent, flawless application.

The results are precise membrane of the highest quality, that not only saves time, but money as well.

If you’re interested in extending the life of your roof, contact Pacific West Roofing about a roof coating. Send us a message or give us a call at (503) 635-8706 today.

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