These Mistakes in Building Result in Lawsuits

These Mistakes in Building Result in Lawsuits

A law gavel comes down on a stack of hundred-dollar bills

Before hiring your next builder for your home remodeling/upgrade project, it’s paramount to know some basic fundamentals so you don’t get stuck in a bad, or even worse, potentially legal situation. It’s important to choose a builder who possesses a good reputation, does quality work, and treats his or her clients in a fair and respectful manner.

Preparing yourself is the best way to prevent a messy, drawn out situation with your builder. Here are the ugly truths about the biggest mistakes that can get a builder sued.

Unfinished work

This is perhaps the biggest disagreement as it relates to conflicts between builders and homeowners. Items on the contract can be interpreted in various ways, resulting in miscommunications that often lead to a poor experience and further lawsuits. It’s important to not only specify what work needs to be done but to also detail the specifics as to how the job will be carried out.

Solution: Homeowners should go through a punch list with the builder, ensuring they walk through the project together, and mark anything that needs attention on this list. If the punch list is satisfied, and agreed upon by both parties, the work can be considered complete.

Unrealistic expectations

This could be a problem for both homeowners and builders. At times, homeowners may expect builders to complete high-quality work in a short amount of time, while builders may expect homeowners to understand the basics of a project without communicating it to them properly.

Communication and trust are the keys to solving this issue. Without an open dialogue, there is too much room for assumptions, which can lead to problems down the road.

Solution: Develop a thorough project plan together, and meet with your builder to make sure you like them, trust them, can communicate regularly and feel comfortable with them. Make sure you both understand timelines and expectations, and every question is answered during each sit-down.

Adding changes at the last minute

Projects can change, as the required work may alter based on the needs of the situation. Costs can add up, or more work may be asked for on a whim. These types of last minute changes can lead to additional stresses and arguments about unexpected items.

Solution: When finalizing your document that outlines the requirements and project scope, make sure to pay attention to additional work asks and processes, and to make sure you understand what happens if more work is needed. Make sure there are fixed costs and prices associated with them so nobody gets blindsided.

Ultimately, the best way to avoid these common pitfalls is to work with a builder you can trust, a builder that will give you a fair shake, and treat you more like a friend than a customer.

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