Why Roof Inspections Should Be a Priority for Facility Managers

Why Roof Inspections Should Be a Priority for Facility Managers

commercial facility roof inspectionThe roof is one of the most critical pieces to a structure and it should be inspected regularly in order to avoid potential damage. Facility managers should pay special attention to the roof, as a regular care and maintenance program can help avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Roof security is crucial

Did you know that some of the most common places for thieves to break into your facility are through skylights or unlocked roof hatches? Make sure that the roof is regularly inspected to ensure that everything is locked and impassable. This means your building is more secure and your property is less prone to theft or vandalism.

Warranties on roofing supplies will save money

If there are leaks or other damage to the roof, many times insurance companies or manufacturer roof warranties will cover repairs or replacement. The key: to file the claim in a timely manner. If not, it will likely not meet the guidelines for the warranty and you will end up having to pay significantly more money to get the issue fixed.  In addition, the more often the roof is checked, the sooner improvements can be made to existing areas so further damage doesn’t occur. This is especially crucial if your building is older and needs closer attention.

A clean roof is important

A dirty and unmaintained roof looks bad, but it can also lead to damage in the long run. Dirt and debris can clog drains and gutters, leading to standing water and eventual leaks. Cleaning trash or debris off the roof means that the roof is ready to do its job: protect the facility. A clean roof is also less likely to have wind damage from loose materials laying up there for no reason.

How can you make roof inspections a priority and simple to do?

The first step is to have convenient access to the roof. Roofs that are easily accessible are more likely to be maintained. When roofs are difficult or nearly impossible to get to they’re often ignored. Install permanent ladders and rails in the necessary locations so the facility manager can safely and easily get on the roof to inspect.

In addition, establish a routine or schedule for when the inspections should be done. Determine a time frame either semi-annually or annually for the roof to be looked at in detail. And with this, create a checklist that needs to be gone through at the time of inspection. We do this for several clients currently and have a checklist of items to look for.

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