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If you’re looking for a new job, becoming a roofer can be a great career with steady work. We are trained to work on a variety of building types, including residential and commercial buildings. Wondering what exactly a roofer does and how you can become one?  The following information covers what it takes to become a roofer.


We install and repair roofs that are made of all types of materials, including asphalt and cedar shingles, rubber, metal, and more. Roofers need to be prepared to work in a variety of weather conditions and all kinds of roof-top situations. We might work on a steep-sloped roof in the rain one day, and on a flat roof in the hot sun the next.

When a new roof is installed, the decking, often made of thick plywood, is laid first. After that comes the felt, which can make it a bit easier for us to keep our footing, and then comes the shingles (or metal panels or rubber membrane). Throughout the entire process, roofers need to pay especially close attention to detail. If the work is not performed well or sealed properly, leaks could cause significant damage to the inside of the building. We are also trained to install attic fans or ventilation ducts on the roof.


Most roofers learn the trade through on-the-job training. Many times, a person interested in a career in roofing will complete a formal apprenticeship program that provides a blend of classes and paid training. These types of programs allow apprentices to complete real roofing jobs, learn how to use specific roofing tools, and learn the safety precautions. This allows the apprentice to get a variety of experience under their belt before being officially hired on or going out in search of a full time job. You’ll also need to study new materials and techniques throughout your career in order to earn and uphold crucial certifications.

Roofers need to be in good physical shape as the job demands a lot physically. They also need to have a good sense of balance and not be afraid of heights. Being able to maintain attention to detail, even in potentially dangerous or hazardous situations, is very important. Roofing jobs also require teamwork as well as the ability to work well independently without a lot of direct instruction.


Career prospects for roofing professionals are good. Because of the housing boom in past years, repairs and replacements of existing roofs are common. In addition, because of the economic recovery that is slowing turning around, new commercial and residential building projects may pick up, which means that quality roofers will be in demand. This means job growth will be steady and positions will be available!

A career in roofing can be a rewarding job that allows you to put your hands to work! Contact us about job opportunities today!


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