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These days, there are unending reasons to tighten up security at home and in your place of business. As reports of terrorism and theft increase seemingly by the day, many people are installing alarm and surveillance systems, applying security film to windows and even employing security guards.


Roof Hatch SecurityOne vulnerable point of entry that many commercial and apartment building managers forget, however, is the roof. There have been several reports describing instances of theft where burglars have entered through the roof hatch, or just simply cut a hole in the roof and slipped in.


In this particular scenario, a California convenience store was robbed after thieves broke into an adjoining clinic through the roof hatch. They then proceeded to break through a wall to get into the market, stealing an undisclosed amount of cash and cigarettes.

Earlier this month, 5 men were arrested in Los Angeles after they nearly pulled off a hollywood-worthy heist. They broke into a bank by cutting a hole in the roof and running away with $6 Million. They were finally caught when they entered and attempted to rob another L.A. bank in the same fashion.


Rooftop robberies are unfortunately happening more and more, and now you’re probably wondering what you can do to prevent this from occurring in your building. So, here are a few things you can do to heighten security on your rooftops.



When was the last time you used your roof hatch? If you can barely remember, it’s definitely time for an inspection. Make sure the hinges, gas spring cylinders and handles are all intact. If your hatch is old or damaged, consider replacing it with one made of heavy-gauge materials and tamper-proof hardware. Not only will a secure roof acces hatch protect you from a break in, it will also protect employees and tenants from injury on the roof.


If you have a locking handle, that’s a good start. There is likely a hole in the handle mechanism, and all you have to do is put a carabiner clip or padlock through it. Most standard roof access hatches come with lock hasps on the interior and exterior as a security feature.


You can go a step further and add locks to the gas cylinders or lift assistance arm as well. This will prevent thieves from entering, even if they get through the first lock. Contact switches can also be applied and wired to your building’s alarm system.



Mounting motion sensing lights and/or security cameras to your roof can prevent break-ins. Of course, with cameras you’ll need to have someone watching what’s being recorded if you want to stop thieves before they attempt to break in.

If you’re curious about how else you can secure your rooftop, contact Pacific West Roofing today for a commercial roof inspection.

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