Danger signs of an unstable tree

Trees are excellent additions to any home, but they can cause major damage to your roof and property as a whole if they fall. With the rainy season well on its way in the Pacific Northwest, now is the time to take a look at the danger signs of potentially falling trees and what to do if you think your tree is unstable. The best defense to falling trees is prevention.

Construction stress: From digging up utility lines to adding paved paths on your property, construction can place deadly stress on trees. Common signs of construction stress are wilted leaves, premature autumn colors, drooping branches and flowering out of season. To avoid harming your trees, set up a perimeter around the tree so that its root system will not be damaged by equipment and construction materials.
Leaning to one side: Most trees don’t grow as straight as an arrow, so a little lean is perfectly normal. However, if your tree is leaning uncomfortably one way and shows danger of falling onto your roof, look for these common signs of toppling over: Exposed roots at the tree’s base and cracked soil on the side opposite the lean are serious signs that the tree may fall over sooner rather than later. If this is a weight distribution problem, prune the branches to even out the weight of the tree to balance it out.
Multiple trunks: If you have a tree with U-shaped multiple trunks, be sure to inspect for deep cracks and other signs of weakness. Mature trees are most at risk for splitting down the middle during heavy rains and stormy weather. To prevent the tree’s splitting, consider hiring a certified arborist who can attach cables between trunks and braces to strengthen their bonds.
The best offense is a good defense when it comes to protecting your roof from falling trees. Take the time to inspect trees on your property and mark ones that match some of the above warning signs. Don’t be afraid to remove unstable trees, though you should call an arborist before attempting to fell the tree yourself.

The roof is a protector of your home. So, make sure your trees are ready to withstand the stormy weather. Pacific West Roofing has been installing and maintaining quality roofing products throughout Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas since 1980. If you’re looking for a Portland roofing contractor, let us show you what we can do to keep you and your loved ones protected at home.

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