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Throughout his career as co-owner, he has installed, repaired, or managed just about every type of residential roofing project. Not only is Brian an industry expert, he is a customer and company favorite. Customers and internal staff appreciate his level-headed, friendly demeanor, and his ability to provide excellent information while keeping things straightforward and understandable, regardless of the complexity of the situation.

Objective: To be the first company of choice in our local area by re-modelers, property managers, and high end home owners.

  • Roofing jobs tailored to our customers needs
  • Servicing surrounding neighborhoods on the West side of Willamette river
  • Elite roofing services
  • Servicing since 1980



Brian Jarvis started Pacific West Roofing in 1980 with high school friend Stan Robinson. Since then, Brian and Stan established a reputation of being one of the most quality conscious roofing companies in the Portland roofing market.

Brian and his wife Linda raised their family in Lake Oswego, and recently moved to a floating home where they enjoy water living and boating. Brian’s son, Reed, works in the repair and maintenance division as an estimator and technician.

Professional Life:

Brian spent his entire adult life in the construction
business. Brian attended Oregon State University and studied construction management, framing and siding houses during the summers of his college years. Brian and Stan were the company’s primary installers into the 90’s, where he and Stan developed many of the company’s “best practices.”

Administrative Lead


Marketing/Sales Lead


Operations Co-Director


Always offering our best at what we do!

Portland Roofing Contractor Since 1980

CCB# 169414