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Sandy came to Pacific West Roofing in 2016. Although this was her first time working in the roofing industry, she flourished quickly. Her position as Administration Manager means she fills many roles throughout the day and has a hand in many aspects of the company. She is well known for her dedication to her job, warmth, and excellent customer service.


Sandy has lived in the Pacific Northwest for the majority of her life. Although she was born in South Dakota, her family moved to Lebanon when she was 11 and she has been in love with the PNW ever since. After living in Bend for 26 years, during which time she took a 16-year long break from her career to become a stayat-home mom with her 2 children, Sandy moved back to the other side of the mountains with her husband in 2014.

In her personal time, Sandy enjoys staying active and spending time with her family. She can often be found going on long walks and bike rides with her husband or making tie-dye t-shirts on her weekends.

Professional Life: 

She began her administrative career at a young age and her passion, organization, attention to detail, and creative thinking make it so that she is constantly striving to provide the best service possible.


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