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Stan Robinson


“Doing it once, doing it right.” 

Ask Stan Robinson, owner and founder of Pacific West Roofing, what defines his business and he’ll tell you straight up, “the quality of materials, the quality of work, the quality of service.” Sounds nice, but lots of companies say this. Spend a little time with Stan or any of his crew, however, and you quickly learn truth behind this statement. 

Corporate values adhere to:

  • Quality Materials
  • Quality Work
  • Quality Service


A third generation Lake Oswego resident – his grandfather even has a point on the lake named after him – Stan has been working in building materials since graduating Lake Oswego High School in 1977. He got his start at Empire Pacific Industries, a leader in roofing products, and later launched Pacific West Roofing in 1980, when he sold his only horse to pay for the tools. Now, with nearly four decades of roofing experience under his belt, he has developed a deep understanding of what products last and perform best in Oregon where the climate can range from extreme wet to extreme dry, from deep freeze to blistering heat. 

Professional Life:

His roofing “IQ” is also off the charts. Just ask him about the proper number of vents you should have in your roof and he’ll entertain you with a lesson in thermal currents, condensation and air flow. And yes, you will be entertained, because he knows his stuff, and knows how to explain it in a way that is light, even humorous, and very understandable.  

It is important to Stan that his customers not only understand the “what” of their roof, its current condition, and the necessary fixes, but also the “why”. It matters to him that his customers make educated and well informed decisions. To him, there is no sense in selling something the customer doesn’t need just because they thought they needed it. This just leads to money wasted and more problems down the road. A homeowner may think their roof is leaking and needs repairs, or even replacing, because their attic is damp or moldy. Often times, this is due to inadequate air flow, not a leak. Air gets trapped in the attic and condensation forms. Proper ventilation is the answer to this problem, not a new roof. 

 Mold is a real issue he sees quite often. No matter the cause  leaky roof, poor airflow – moisture and dampness have allowed mold to form. Mold left untreated will attack the glue in plywood and cause the materials to break down. At this point, mold abatement treatments are worthwhile as the roof will need to be replaced. The key is knowing the difference, and being able to offer the customer the right solution for their situation. 

When it comes to the quality of materials and the level of service on each job, Stan is uncompromising but insists “we’re not crazy, just experienced.” When you cut corners, or skimp on quality to save money on a project, you end up costing yourself more money in the long run because the materials and, ultimately, the roof won’t last.   

From gutter cleaning and moss treatments, to repairs and full replacements, there are four things every Pacific West Roofing customer can count on. 1. Every interaction begins with customer education and a clear understanding of the client’s needs. 2. Every bid is presented with fully explained options so the customer can make an informed decision that is best for them. 3. Scheduling is clearly communicated so the customer knows when their job will start and when it will likely finish. 4. Every job is completed with a final inspection by the same person who gave the original bid. No project is complete until the customer signs off on this final inspection. 

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“One trick pony”

Stan will joke that his company is a “one trick pony”, paying homage to his horse, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. His company has a long and proven track record of excellence, living up to his motto “doing it once, doing it right.” Whatever ails your roof, Stan and his experienced crew at Pacific West Roofing, have faced the problem before, and have also found the right solution time and time again.

Portland Roofing Contractor Since 1980

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