metal roof maintenance dos and don'tsLow maintenance is a major selling point of metal roofs. Under normal conditions, a quality metal roof will outlast almost any other material. But, there are always things you can do to make sure your roofing system stays looking beautiful and performing like it should.

Below are tips for extending the life of your metal roof as well as some of the mistakes to avoid with this material.

DO: Keep an eye out for stains, scratches, abrasions, grease or dirt. Use binoculars to scan the roof surface twice annually (Spring and Fall) and after severe storms. Also look for any obvious seam separation.

DO: If dirt or stains remain after a period of rainfall, gently wash your metal roof with a well-soaked cloth, sponge, soft-bristled brush, or low pressure sprayer and one of the following solutions.

  • One cup of detergent containing less than 0.5% phosphate mixed thoroughly with five gallons of lukewarm water.
  • Cleaners that contain solvents, such as Formula 409, Fantastic, or Star Brite Instant Black Streak Remover
  • If mildew or fungal growth becomes a problem, mix one cup household bleach and one cup mild dish soap with five gallons of water.

DO: Wash the panels starting from the top and working toward the bottom. Thoroughly rinse the surface with clean water to eliminate residue.

DO: Remove any metal chips, shavings, or random particles that you find loose or lightly embedded in the coating. Exposed steel will oxidize quickly and be a source of ugly rust stains.

DO: Promptly cover any scratched or abraded areas with a manufacturer-approved bottle-brush touch up paint.

DO: Keep tree branches clear of the roof by at least six feet to avoid scratches and excess debris.

DO: Keep valleys and gutters clear of leaves and debris. Perform a cleaning twice a year, or more often if there are many trees near your home.

DON’T: Use scouring powders or industrial solvents, which may damage the film or facilitate the accumulation of dirt.

DON’T: Allow different types of metal to come in contact on your roof as chemical reactions between different materials can lead to corrosion.

DON’T: Spend much time walking around on the panels. Even though most metal roofs can be walked on without causing damage, it’s not something you should do regularly.

DON’T: Paint your home using a sprayer. Overspray is likely to be blown onto the metal surface, and almost nothing can be done to remove it.

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