Mold in the Attic! The Pesky Little Fungi

When was the last time you climbed into your attic? Cool summer mornings are perfect time for a check-up, especially if it’s been a few years.

However, since mold problems are so common here in the Pacific Northwest, anytime is a good time to check out how things are going — and hopefully not growing — in your attic spaces.

As we mentioned, mold is a common problem. This is especially true in newer homes due to weatherization home builders are attempting these days.

Why? There are several contributing factors that can have a major impact on making an attic a mold-friendly environment. Let us count the ways!

* Inadequate attic ventilation. (This is the No. 1 cause of mold growth in the attic.)

* Bathroom, kitchen and or dryer vents discharging into the attic.

* Inadequate or missing attic floor insulation.

* Improperly installed insulation cathedral ceilings and skylight chases.

* Furnaces and water heaters installed in an open attic.

* Plumbing vents that open into the attic.

* Lack of a vapor retarder in the ceiling

Those are just a few of the most common reasons why mold might take up residence in your attic. Fortunately, solutions to attic problems can be relatively simple and inexpensive. On the other hand, big and costly problems are usually inevitable if the issues go undetected and/or are ignored for long periods of time.

Why Mold Is A Big Problem
Mold can lead to more than just problems with the structural integrity of your roof. Mold spores can also lead to health problems.

Some of the more common health problems related to mold include coughing, congestion, and ear, nose, and throat congestion. Mold can also pose serious health problems for people suffering from asthma or allergies. Perhaps worst of all, people with already weakened immune systems can develop respiratory infections

Structurally, mold poses a risk to your roof since it attracts moisture for food, which over time can ruin the plywood sheathing and framing materials made out of wood.

Pacific West Roofing in the Pacific Northwest
If you are uncomfortable evaluating the attic on your own, give us a call. Although we are not a home inspector, we can still inspect your home for the possibility of elevated moisture levels, attic moisture issues, white or black molds, mold spores, roof leaks, and more.

And, of course, as the PNW’s premier roofing solutions company, we can do a roof-focused home inspection and take a look at your soffit vents, ridge vents, and other roof vents and roof sheathing to determine the source of air and attic mold removal solutions.

Think you might have mold in the attic? We are experts in identifying the problems, and more importantly — providing the solutions!

Contact Pacific West Roofing today.


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