The fastest, easiest, and most economical way to solve metal roof problems is to apply a system that involves metal roof coatings. Properly applied coatings will fix leak problems, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and provide you with a roofing system that is easier to maintain.

Restorative coatings are designed to save you time and money and make your roof last longer. And, with a variety of different coatings available, we are able to select an even better long-term solution for your specific type of metal roof. However, applying even the highest quality product on the wrong roof can be disastrous, because not all roofs can be coated.

Before deciding whether to replace or re-coat your residential metal roof, it is crucial to answer a few questions.


First, let’s identify some important factors in your existing metal roofing system. When you talk to a contractor, you’ll need to know these key details:

  • Size of your roof
  • Age of your roof
  • Slope of your roof (½”/12″, 1″/12″, 4″/12″, etc.)
  • What issues you are experiencing (leaks, rust, structural, etc.)
  • The color or appearance of your roof
  • Has your roof been coated before
  • Type of roof (see below)



Before you decide on a restoration system for your roof, it’s going to be necessary to understand your roof’s unique situation as the conditions of your environment can have drastic effects on it.

Airborne chemicals will leave deposits on your roof, requiring a special cleaning and priming process before the restorative coating can be applied. For example, if your home is near an airport, your roof has likely built up layers of jet fuel deposits. Other chemicals in the air that can affect your roof include dirt, fertilizer and pesticides in farming areas, paint mist from exhaust vents in auto body shops, and caustics from concrete mixing processes.

The salty coastal air can quickly rust metal roofing panels to the point where they lose all structural strength. Because of this, coastline roofs should be evaluated by a contractor or engineer to determine the integrity of the roof and find out if its safe to work on.

Your regional climate will also play a role in the restoration and care of your home’s metal roof, especially with color choice and life expectancy. The southwestern desert areas are perfect for a bright white coating which will cool the roof surface and help lower air conditioning bills. Cold northern climates like ours require softer, more elastic materials, especially at panel joints because they allow for the movement introduced by extreme temperature changes.


Safety is a major concern whenever we restore metal roofs. Are your panels so badly deteriorated that they might not be able to support a man carrying heavy tools and materials?

If rooftop equipment (vents, hatches, etc.) has been added since the roof was originally installed, it would be smart to have a contractor inspect the structure. There may be safety issues that should be addressed before the restoration work can begin.

Once you find the answers to these questions and determine that a restorative coating is the right solution for your roofing problems, we will be more than happy to assess the state of your roof, fix any leaks, prepare the surface of your roof and apply the most appropriate coating.

Contact us today for more information about residential metal roof coatings or for a free estimate.



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