Happy New Year 2015As 2014 comes to a close you may find yourself contemplating a few goals for the upcoming year. If you find any of the following three resolutions on this year’s list of personal projects, it may be time you called Pacific West Roofing to get a head start on accomplishing the objectives you have in mind for yourself and your family.

Save Money

With the holidays behind you and the bills beginning to appear in the mail, you may be one of the many Oregon residents who is determined to be more frugal in the upcoming year. Saving money by setting aside spare cash or reducing monthly spending may be difficult if you are already on a tight budget. Rather than focusing on your daily spending, look at where you can save in the long run. This is where making a few home improvements can help. A metal roof may be a considerable upfront investment, but the effect it can have on your home’s energy efficiency, paired with the fact that it will last decades longer, will reduce many of your expenses in the future.

Protect Your Investments

As you reflect on all that you have achieved at this point in your life, it is likely that one of your most prized possessions is your home. Whether you live in the brand new home of your dreams, or an old fixer upper, make it a priority to protect your investment during the new year.  Pacific West Roofing offers full service maintenance for both residential and commercial buildings. By staying on top of the regular maintenance and inspection your roof needs, you can better protect your investment. Regular maintenance may help to:

Spend More Time with Loved Ones

With each passing year, it seems that more and more time is being spent away from home and loved ones. This year, resolve to build your relationships and spend more time with those you love by allowing us to care for your maintenance and repair needs. While it may be tempting to inspect, patch, or repair damaged roofing on your own, we suggest leaving this meticulous work to our team of skilled professionals. We can safely and efficiently inspect, maintain, repair, or replace your roof without taking away from the precious time you have to spend with family and friends.

As you and your loved ones celebrate the end of a great year, Pacific West Roofing invites you to stay safe, set new goals, and resolve to have a healthier roof as you ring in the New Year.

Call us about our roof maintenance, repair, and replacement services today at 503-635-8706. Questions? Just Ask Stan.



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