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Stan Robinson has more than 40 years experience in the roofing business. He graduated from Lake Oswego High School with Brian Jarvis and worked for a roofing supplyhouse for a short time. It was during this time the two friends decided to go into business together. They started Pacific West Roofing in the fall of 1980. This tiny roofing business relied on word-of-mouth to get off the ground. Pretty soon Pacific West Roofing connected with Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce and business really began to take off.

More than 40 years of Stan and Brian doing business together, has made Pacific West Roofing become a pillar of the community. Always doing their best and doing it right the first time, they gain very loyal customers. Throughout their roofing journey, pure dedication, and having added 25+ employees over the years has brought nothing but sheer joy and an array of specialty roofing services. Pacific West Roofing looks forward to providing clients with long lasting, secure, safe roofs and delivering exceptional experience.

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Whether you have a question regarding roofing materials or you are in the middle of your “do it yourself” project and you need a little help, I am happy to help! Send your question to us below and we will answer it promptly.

    Stan-Robinson | Pacific West Roofing

    Portland Roofing Contractor Since 1980

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