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For over forty-two years, Pacific West Roofing has been maintaining, repairing, and installing roofs for both businesses and homeowners throughout Portland and surrounding areas including Tigard. 

If your commercial roof is looking a bit shabby, turn to the experts. The technicians and installers at Pacific West Roofing have undergone extensive training to ensure they are qualified to deliver the best workmanship. We’re always happy to talk to potential customers in Tigard about our ongoing training requirements because we’re proud of the team we have and the quality craftsmanship they will provide when addressing the roof of your business. 

We bring that same quality work to repair or replace your home’s roof. Rest assured if you need a roofing contractor Pacific West Roofing will be a reliable and competent solution. We carry memberships with the Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) and the Associated Roofing Contractor Group (ARC) which allows us to easily access continuing education on safety, products, and practices which not only benefits our team but benefits our customers. 

We’re happy to share more information with potential customers on our services and on our background and work philosophy. Give us a call and see how we can work together. 

Ready to Replace Your Residential Roof

When it comes to caring for the roof of your home, Pacific West Roofing offers complete services. We’re experienced roofing contractors familiar with proper residential roof installation, ventilation, and maintenance. Your home is your greatest asset and your roof is the single most important feature that protects it.

Our goal is to help you extend the lifespan of your roof, without posing a risk to your home or business. That’s why we encourage regular evaluations and care for your roof, and why we look for alternatives for a full roof replacement. If we identify problems, we’ll present options so you can make an informed decision to keep a sound roof over your head for years to come. 

Some considerations in deciding to repair or replace your roof include:

  • The age of the roof—how close is your roof to reaching the end of its predicted lifespan which is typically 18-24 years.
  • The condition of the roof—take an honest look at what shape your roof is in. Is it deteriorating throughout, or is it in good shape except for one area? Are multiple leaks beginning to appear? A professional roofing contractor can assess the condition and help you make the right call. 
  • How much area of the roof is affected—if damage impacts more than 30% of your roof, a replacement makes sense. If the problem is centralized, like a leak in a bedroom caused by a single hole, repairs will be the best and most cost-effective solution. Just ensure the damages are fully investigated to ensure the problem is truly just a small area.
  • Do you have an insurance claim? If the damage to your roof is from a downed tree or a burst pipe that gives you a legitimate insurance claim, and the insurance company is willing to pay for it, then it might make sense to use that insurance money to replace the entire roof. 

If a new roof is in the cards for your Tigard business or home, leave it to us. We have our new roofing services down to a science or at least a series of steps. 

  1. If a new roof is needed, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of different materials and help you determine what works best for your home or business. 
  2. We’ll remove old shingles to get a good look at critical junctions and identify the source of the leak, dry rot, or other issues before they become bigger issues. 
  3. Next, we’ll look at flashing and replace any that is old or damaged. We’ll follow that by nailing the metal drip edge to the lower part of the roof to provide added water resistance.
  4. NOW the new shingles can be installed. 

Extend the Life of Your Commercial or Residential Roof

The longevity of your new roof is extended through regular maintenance. Pacific West Roofing can take a walk on your roof to evaluate the flashing around the pipes, vents, chimneys, and skylights, and check for missing or damaged shingles. Our regular maintenance also includes removing and treating to prevent moss and clearing the gutters and downspouts of debris.

Gutter cleaning is essential to regular roof maintenance. Clogged gutters can lead to pest infestations, rot, and water damage to your roof and siding, or can add so much weight that the gutters pull away from your house. Avoiding this is as simple as clearing the gutters at least after the leaves fall. 

The other key to keeping a roof for decades is to have a proper ventilation system. The roofing and ventilation technicians at Pacific West Roofing are experienced with all types of ventilation and what compromises a properly balanced system for optimal airflow. We can also identify damaged vents or even broken seals where new caulking is needed. In short, the ventilation system regulates the temperature and the humidity level in your attic, to prevent condensation and mold and keep you comfortable. To work correctly requires intake vents to draw in outside air and exhaust fans to let hot air escape. Ventilation is ideally installed with a new roof, however, it can be modified at any time. The professional roofing contractors at Pacific West Roofing can tell you if your vents are working correctly.

Why Choose Us

It’s simple really. Pacific West Roofing has been a family-owned business from the start with roots in Oregon that run deep. We’re your neighbors, so it’s important for us to tell you the truth, show up with integrity, and welcome you as a partner in your roofing project. 

Whether you need roof maintenance, roof repair, or roof replacement, for your residential or commercial roof, Pacific West Roofing should be Tigard’s roofing company of choice. Give us a call today to request a consultation or a quote. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is ready to help you.

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