Pacific West Roofing is a boutique style commercial roofing company which is unlike most commercial roofing companies. We treat each project as if it were your own home, meaning, every detail is watched over by both the project on-site foreman and the sales rep who is an owner of our company. This is a more percise detailed style of project management that building owners who occupy their buildings a bit more appreciation. We can even link you into our cross communication system so you can see live what we see in the field and office in real time.

  • More oversight on project details
  • More communication between job site, office staff and client
  • Less jobsite mistakes, more productivity, more accurate streamlined finished project

When it comes to a sizable cost project such as a re-roof project, taking short cuts or taking the low bid isn’t ever a good idea because it will cost you more money later to fix those “short cuts”. Leave it to the professionals at Pacific West Roofing to handle the details!

Portland Roofing Contractor Since 1980!

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