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What is a powered roof vent?

Whether for a commercial or residential property, proper roof ventilation is key to ensuring a roof lasts a long time. A combination of roof vents and soffit vents works to draw cooler air in through the soffits while expelling hotter air out through roof vents. This keeps the attic space free from excessive heat and moisture in both warm and cold months. While typically the vents are passive, there are also powered roof vents, which today can be powered by solar energy to enhance their cost-effectiveness as well as being a green alternative. 

A powered attic or roof vent is essentially the same thing as an attic fan. Used to help increase air circulation, and boost the energy efficiency of a building or home’s HVAC system, a powered vent or fan is typically mounted on the attic ceiling where it draws warm, moist air, or on a gable where it draws in cool air or pushes warm air out. 

Powered attic vents are connected to a power source that runs the turbines. It can be connected to a building’s thermostat, turning off and on depending on the indoor temperature of the space. Powered roof vents can also come equipped with attached thermostats or humidstats or a combination of both to measure heat and moisture buildup in the attic. As the temperature and/or humidity rises in the attic, the fan kicks on to begin drawing air from the attic and sending it outside. The fan speed automatically adjusts to reach optimal levels. 

Roof vents powered by the sun

Solar-powered attic fans are an alternative to those that plug in. They are a bit less powerful than the ones plugged into a home power grid, but they are easier to install because there are no wires and because they are powered by the sun, they do not require as much electricity. 

Solar roof vents are more costly than regular plug-in or passive roof vents, but because they help HVAC systems run more efficiently, the cost may be absorbed by lower energy bills. The price for solar roof vents varies by the size of the fan blade, the product’s diameter, and the quality of the motor and solar panels. When buying solar roof vents it pays to spend more for quality to extend the life of your roof. 

Finding the right size powered roof fan

One caution when choosing powered roof vents is to match the power to need. A unit that is too powerful can draw air cooled by a home’s HVAC system causing the HVAC to work that much harder to keep a consistent temperature. A professional roofing contractor should be able to advise on the correct size for the best efficiency.  

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