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A properly balanced attic ventilation system is essential to prolonging the lifespan of your roof. The expert technicians at Pacific West Roofing have installed and maintained attic ventilation systems for customers in the Portland area since 1980. Whether we are installing a new roof, or updating the ventilation system in an existing roof, our expert ventilation technicians will design and install an attic ventilation system specifically for your roof and your home. Your professionally installed Pacific West Roofing attic ventilation system will be properly balanced, providing the efficient airflow necessary to maintain optimum air temperatures, reduce humidity and prevent mold in your attic. And all of this will protect and extend the life of your roof.

Benefits of a Balanced Attic Ventilation System
Balanced and continual air circulation in your attic is necessary to maintain good air quality, specifically temperature and humidity levels, within your attic. Ideally, attic air temperatures should remain at a relatively constant level year-round and be moisture-free. The benefits of proper roof venting and a balanced attic ventilation system include:

  • Balanced attic ventilation systems prevent excessive attic heat.
    An improperly vented attic will become too hot in the summer months and cause plywood to delaminate thus causing your roof shingles to degrade faster. Excessive heat in your attic will also cause your air conditioner to work that much harder to keep your home cool during the hot summer months. During the winter months, an attic that is too warm will cause snow and ice to melt too quickly, potentially causing ice dams, which can create leaks in your roof and weigh down gutters.

  • Proper attic ventilation prevents excessive attic humidity, moisture, and mold.
    Without a balanced ventilation system, the air in your attic will not only be too warm, but it will also become humid and moisture will collect on rafters and the attic ceiling, which is your roof’s decking. Excessive humidity and moisture in your attic will lead to mold and rot, two primary causes of shortening the life of your roof. Mold and mildew, left unchecked, can start causing damage to your home within one year.

  • Efficient attic ventilation systems help keep energy costs down.
    In addition to extending the life of your roof, a well-balanced attic ventilation system will also keep your home’s energy costs down. As air circulates through the vents in your roof and attic, cooler air flows into your attic, while hotter air escapes. This constant flow serves to regulate the air temperature in your attic, preventing it from ever becoming too hot. In the heat of summer, this means your air conditioner is not going to have to work as hard to keep your house cool, minimizing repairs to your cooling system.

  • Properly balanced attic ventilation systems save on roof maintenance costs.
    A properly balanced ventilation system will moderate temperatures and protect your roof from hot and cold contractions. These contractions, aka thermal cycling, can weaken your roof shingles, sheeting, and the plywood in your roof decking, causing these materials to degrade and age at a faster rate. As your roof ages, problems like lost shingles, leaks, and even rot can occur, all of which can add up to costly repairs.

Complete Attic Ventilation Systems
While architecture and roof structure may vary from home to home, the principles behind proper attic ventilation are universal. The key is ensuring efficient airflow and, depending on the size and configuration of your roof, various types of venting are necessary. 

The attic ventilation technicians at Pacific West Roofing are experienced in assessing attics and the ventilation systems required to maintain optimum airflow. Our experts can help you determine the complete attic ventilation system your home needs. 

The different types of attic vents that make up a complete ventilation system may include:

  • Roof Vents
    Roof vents allow rising hot air and moisture to escape from your attic, preventing heat build-up and condensation, depending on the season. There are two types of roof vents: Box Vents and Ridge Vents.

  • Box Vents
    Box vents are the most common vents you will see on a roof and are comprised of a hole that has been cut into your roof and a box cover over the opening. Box vents provide an outlet for the warm, moist air in your attic to escape through and should be positioned high on your roof.

  • Ridge Vents
    Ridge vents are air exhaust vents installed along the peak of your roof. Similar to box vents, ridge vents allow hot air in your attic to escape at the highest point. Continuous ridge vents are very efficient at allowing warm air to escape and creating a bit of a vacuum that facilitates continuous air circulation.

  • Soffit Venting
    The soffit is the part of your roof overhang that meets your siding and is the lowest point in your attic. Soffit venting serves to draw cooler fresh outside air into your attic. Used in combination with your roof vents, the soffit vents create a passive airflow system that allows air to circulate through your attic. Soffit vents come in two types: rectangular and continuous.

  • Rectangular Soffit Vents
    Rectangular soffit vents are holes that have been cut into the blocking between the rafters of your roof. The holes are covered with a screen or vent cover which allows air to flow through but prevents birds and insects from entering your attic, depending on the vent or screen openings.

  • Continuous Soffit Venting
    Continuous soffit vents run along the full length of your home’s closed soffit and incorporate a perforated material or wire screen that allows continual airflow into your attic at the lowest point. This type of venting can only be installed in closed soffits where the roof rafters are not visible.

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Just as your home is your most valuable asset, your roof is your home’s most valuable asset. Protecting your roof and ensuring that your roof has a long and low-maintenance lifespan requires a properly installed well-balanced roofing and attic ventilation system. 

At Pacific West Roofing, we not only make sure that you have the best possible roof for your home, but we also make sure your attic and roof are properly vented. Our expert roofing and attic ventilation technicians can take care of all your roof, attic, and venting needs to extend the life of your roof, save you costly repairs, and give you peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about our residential roofing and attic ventilation services or schedule your attic and roof inspection. We are located in Hubbard, OR, and serve the entire greater Portland Metro area. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is ready to help you.

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