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Efficient Airflow To Mitigate Mold And Heat

Ventilation Systems

A large part of ensuring that your roof has a long and low-maintenance lifespan is installing a properly balanced roofing ventilation system. At Pacific West Roofing, we make sure that you have the best possible roof for your business. When installed correctly, solid roofing ventilation can help regulate the temperature and humidity of your building. Maintaining adequate ventilation will allow normal humidity and temperature levels. Thus making interior conditions more comfortable and promoting a greater useful life and performance of your roof.

Ensuring the proper installation and maintenance of ventilation systems for your commercial building could potentially save your business thousands of dollars in preventative care. Hence some of the greatest immediate benefits from good preventative practices are:

  • Reduction, elimination, and prevention of mold and mildew which, without proper care, can start causing damage to our home within 1 year.
  • Also the improved integrity of your roof shingles. Moderating temperatures by proper ventilation can help protect your home from hot and cold contractions called thermal cycling.
Meanwhile, buildings with proper ventilation system may also experience long-term benefits such as:
  • Prolonged useful life of your roof.
  • Reduced energy use from natural temperature moderation and
  • Humidity moderation can drastically improve the preservation of your home’s insulation.
Improper roofing ventilation practice, and maintenance could lead to:
  • Mold growth from inadequately vented moisture.
  • Ice dams (in winter months, leads to roof leaks and broken shingles).
  • Increased energy expenses from lack of hot air venting.
  • Finally, decreased useful life of your roof and sheeting it’s attached to.

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